Thirty Seconds to Mars  Skull Zipper Hoodie (front & back; Small, XL, XXL) - K

Thrice_031.jpg (8642 bytes)  Thrice_031b.jpg (6805 bytes)
Thrice  Side Print Track Jacket (front & back; Small, Medium, XL) - K

Timbaland_005.jpg (8343 bytes)
Timbaland  Logo Hoodie (available in sizes Med. thru XXL) - K

Tomb Raider  Logo Hooded Sweatshirt (XL only) - J

Trail_of_the_Dead_004.jpg (16757 bytes)
Trail of Dead  Logo Hoodie (XL only) - K

Trapt  Crew Zipper Hoodie (front & back; Medium & XL) - J

Underoath  Zero Zipper Hoodie (front & back; Med. only) - K

underoath_017.jpg (8415 bytes)  underoath_017b.jpg (7629 bytes)
Underoath  Octopus Zipper Hoodie (front & back; XS only) - K

Underoath_001.jpg (41760 bytes)  Underoath_001b.jpg (76556 bytes)
Underoath  Junior's Track Jacket (front & back; XS only) - J
(Not a Hoodie)

V Shape Mind  Logo Hooded  Sweatshirt (Large & XL) - F

Vagrant Records  Hooded Sweat (Large & XL) - J

Van's Warped Tour 2000  Hooded Zipper Jacket (red; Large, Youth Large) - J

vandals_025.jpg (8376 bytes)  vandals_025b.jpg (11251 bytes)
The Vandals  Cog Hoodie (on Blue; front and back; XL only) - K

Vandals_013.jpg (28746 bytes)  vandals_013b.jpg (15686 bytes)
The Vandals  Logo Lined Windbreaker Jacket (front & back; XL and XXL only ) - H

The Vines  The Ride Zipper Jogger (on charcoal, front & back; Small only) - J

The Vines  Zipper Hoodie (on charcoal, front & back; Juniors' OSFA) - J

The Vines  Highly Evolved Hooded Sweatshirt (front & back; Small, Medium, Large, XL) - J

Weezer  Bug Hooded Jr's Sweatshirt (on ash; Small and Medium) - J

Weezer_052.jpg (27198 bytes)  Weezer_052b.jpg (23463 bytes)
Weezer  Logo Lined Windbreaker (front & back; Small, Medium, Large) - F

Johnny Winter  Hoodie (Large, XL) - K

Xzibit_003.jpg (19051 bytes)
Xzibit  Classic Logo Hoodie  (Small through XL) - J

Yeah Yeah Yeahs  Circle Z Zipper Hoodie (on ash; front & back; Small & Med. only) - K

Yeah Yeah Yeahs  Circle Z Zipper Hoodie (on black; front & back; Small, Large & XL only) - K

Yellowcard_002.jpg (17391 bytes)  Yellowcard_002b.jpg (13314 bytes)
Yellowcard  Ocean Avenue Hoodie (front & back; Small, Large, XL) - J


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