INXS_013.jpg (9177 bytes)
INXS  Wings Long Sleeve (XL only) - H

Isis  Eyes of Eyes (Small, Large & XL only) - GO!

The Isley Brothers  Hat Logo Sweatshirt (Medium, Large, XL) - H

The Isley Brothers  Embroidered Denim Shirt (XL only) - H

Crown Royal Comedy Soul Festival Items

It_Dies_Today_004.jpg (22677 bytes)
It Dies Today  Damnation (Youth Large) - GO!

It_Dies_Today_005.jpg (29765 bytes)
It Dies Today  Rose (Youth Large) - GO!

It_Dies_Today_006.jpg (18562 bytes)  It_Dies_Today_006b.jpg (17306 bytes)
It Dies Today  Clock Tower (front & back; Large, XL, Youth Large) - GO!

It_Dies_Today_007.jpg (24479 bytes)
It Dies Today  Circle (available in XL) - GO!

It_Dies_Today_008.jpg (23016 bytes)  It_Dies_Today_008b.jpg (24737 bytes)
It Dies Today  Caitiff Choir (front & back; Medium, Large, XL, Youth Large) - GO!
Also available in Youth T- A

It_Dies_Today_002.jpg (18552 bytes)
It Dies Today  Heart (Medium, Large, XL) - GO!

It_Dies_Today_001.jpg (64577 bytes)
It Dies Today  Face Off  (available in Large only) - GO!

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