(Consult "price list" for key to codes)

The following LONGSLEEVE SHIRTS reduced to Price Code B as of 12/6/18

audioslave_020.jpg (23651 bytes)
Audioslave  Flame Girls' Long Sleeve (on navy; Med. & Large only) - B

bleeding_through_017.jpg (9041 bytes)
Bleeding Through  Love Lost Long Sleeve (Small & Med, Youth Large only) - B

Breaking_Benjamin_009.jpg (20075 bytes)
Breaking Benjamin  Animal Instinct Thermal Long Sleeve (Small, Medium, XL) - B

The Charlatans  Over T (Medium only) - B

Counting Crows  Distressed Athletic Long Sleeve (Large and XL) - B

Counting Crows  The Birds Long Sleeve (Medium, Large, XL) - B

The following WINTER WEAR reduced to Price Code H as of 11/12/18

death_by_stereo_002.jpg (8321 bytes)  death_by_stereo_002b.jpg (9583 bytes)
Death by Stereo  Skull Zipper Hoodie (front & back; Small, Medium) - H

Deftones_111.jpg (9096 bytes)
Deftones  Afflict Track Jacket (Small) - H

Deftones_085.jpg (8692 bytes)
Deftones  Caligraphy Hoodie (Medium) - H

demiricous_003.jpg (19800 bytes)
Demiricous  Shield Zipper Hoodie (Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL, Youth Large) - H

Demon_Hunter_004.jpg (21640 bytes)
Demon Hunter  Horns Zipper Hoodie (Small, Medium and Large) - H

Devil_Driver_001.jpg (8378 bytes)Devil_Driver_001b.jpg (6928 bytes)
Devil Driver  Logo Zipper Hoodie (front & back; Small & Med. only) - H 

Devil_Driver_005.jpg (6372 bytes)  Devil_Driver_005b.jpg (9581 bytes)
Devil Driver  Jesus Hoodie (front & back; Small only) - H

Dillinger_esc_plan_001.jpg (17470 bytes)
The Dillinger Escape Plan  Bleach Zipper Hoodie (Small, Large) - H

Disturbed  Giant Face Hoodie  (available in XS) - H

the_donnas_16.jpg (33678 bytes)  the_donnas_16b.jpg (44114 bytes)
The Donnas  Silhouette Junior's Hoodie (front & back; Small, Large, XL) - H

Doors_21st_century_008.jpg (30533 bytes)  Doors_21st_century_008b.jpg (27107 bytes)
The Doors of the 21st Century  Lee Brand Denim Jacket - (Medium, XL, XXL) - H

Emily_Strange_005.jpg (7339 bytes)  Emily_Strange_005b.jpg (8196 bytes)
Emily the Strange  Flyer Jr's Hoodie (front & back; in Small, Medium, Large, XL) - H

Emily_Strange_006.jpg (7823 bytes)  Emily_Strange_006b.jpg (8886 bytes)
Emily the Strange  Girl Best Friend Jr's  Short Sleeve Hoodie (on fuchia; front & back; Medium, Large) - H

EmilyTheStrange_002.jpg (8534 bytes)  EmilyTheStrange_002b.jpg (8242 bytes)
Emily the Strange  Poison Jr's Short Sleeve Hoodie (on red, front & back; Large only) - H

EmilyTheStrange_003.jpg (9725 bytes)
Emily the Strange  Vines Jr's Zipper Hoodie (Small, Medium, Large) - H

EmilyTheStrange_004.jpg (7736 bytes)
Emily the Strange  Cat Face Jr's Hoodie (Small, Medium, Large, XL) - H

ESP_005.jpg (19128 bytes)
ESP Guitars  30th Anniversary Hoodie (front & back; Small only) - H

every_time_I_die_010.jpg (6980 bytes)
Every Time I Die  Trophy Zipper Hoodie (Small, Large, XL) - H

The_Explosion_005.jpg (15954 bytes)  The_Explosion_005b.jpg (10800 bytes)
The Explosion  Spider Zipper Hoodie (front & back; Medium through XL) - H

The following WINTER WEAR reduced to Price Code D as of 11/9/18

Moby  18 (white, long sleeve, front & back; Large and Girls' Large only) -D

Moby  18 Long sleeve (on black; Medium & XL) - D

Moby  18  Long Sleeve (on white; Girls' Small only)- D

Moby  Box Logo (on white, long sleeve; Medium & Large) - D

Metallica Tech Vest (Large) - D

Paul McCartney  Winged Thermal Long sleeve (S/M) - D

Paul McCartney  Driving USA Tour Embroidered Denim Shirt (Medium & Large) - D

Bob_Marley_093.jpg (8923 bytes)
Bob Marley  Natty Thermal Long Sleeve (XL & XXL only) - D

Bob_Marley_094.jpg (23193 bytes)
Bob Marley  Rebel Circle Long Sleeve (on ash gray; Small, Medium, XL)- D

Machine Head  F**k Diamond (long sleeve, front & back; Large only) - D

The Living End  Baseball Jersey (XL)- D

Limp Bizkit  Portholes Longsleeve (front & back; Large, XL) - D

Limp Bizkit  100% Long Sleeve (Large & XL) - D

Less Than Jake  Candy Sleeveless, Hooded Baby Doll  (on charcoal; Medium only) - D

Lenny Kravitz  Retro Baseball Jersey (Large) - D

The following WINTER WEAR reduced to Price Code H as of 10/19/18

Cypress Hill  SmokeOut Tour Hooded Sweatshirt (Small, Medium, Large) - H

Sheryl_Crow_012.jpg (8040 bytes)
Sheryl Crow  Peacock Girls' Zipper Hoodie (on brown; Small only) - H 

Sheryl Crow  Star Logo Zipper Hoodie (front & back; XL only) - H

Counting Crows  Shield Hoodie (on navy Med. only) - H

Phil Collins  2004 Tour Fleece Pullover (charcoal, front & back; Medium, Large, XL) - H

Phil Collins  2004 Tour Sweatshirt (on ash; Med. only) - H

Phil Collins  2004 Tour Denim Jacket (front & back) - H

Coheed_and_Cambria_009.jpg (21000 bytes)
Coheed and Cambria  Gas Storm Track Jacket (Small & XL only) - H

Kurt Cobain  Photo Logo Zipper Hoodie (XXL only) - H

CKY_042.jpg (9862 bytes)
CKY  An Answer Can Be Found Hoodie (Small, Medium, Large) - H

Coal Chamber  Lined Windbreaker (XL only) - H

The Charlatans  Navy Zipper Windbreaker Jacket (Medium & XL) - H

The Charlatans UK  Blue Nylon Jacket (Medium only) - H

The_Chariot_001.jpg (48576 bytes)  The_Chariot_001b.jpg (34616 bytes)
The Chariot  Godspeed Track Jacket (on brown, front & back; XL) - H

Cannibal Corpse Hockey Crest JERSEY (Small) - H

The following WORK JACKET and HOODIES reduced to Price Code H as of 10/17/18

Breaking_Benjamin_012.jpg (22199 bytes)  Breaking_Benjamin_012b.jpg (9231 bytes)
Breaking Benjamin  Haggard Zipper Hoodie (front & back; Small) - H

Boys_night_out_012.jpg (24204 bytes)  Boys_night_out_012b.jpg (13640 bytes)
Boys Night Out  Track N Field Track Jacket (front & back; medium only) - H

Boys_night_out_015.jpg (18159 bytes)  Boys_night_out_015b.jpg (6010 bytes)
Boys Night Out  Tape Bone Zipper Hoodie (on ash; front & back; medium only) - H

Boys_Night_Out_002.jpg (19873 bytes)  Boys_Night_Out_002b.jpg (6750 bytes)
Boys Night Out  Car Hoodie (front & back; medium, large, XL) - H

bleeding_through_006.jpg (12291 bytes)
Bleeding Through  Opposition Zipper Hoodie (XS, Small, Medium, Large, XL) - H

bleeding_through_010.jpg (19340 bytes)
Bleeding Through  Cold Blooded Zipper Hoodie (Small, Medium) - H

Black_Kat_005.jpg (8885 bytes)
Black Kat  Racing Kat Hoodie (Small through XXL) - H

Black_Kat_009.jpg (7640 bytes)  Black_Kat_009b.jpg (15421 bytes)
Black Kat  Junior Kat Jr's Zipper Hoodie (front & back; Small through XL) - H

The following SWEATSHIRT and HOODIES reduced to Price Code H as of 10/16/18

Avenged Sevenfold  King Girls' Zipper Hoodie (XL only) - H

Atreyu_006.jpg (18041 bytes)
Atreyu  Death Grip Zipper Hoodie (Small) - H

Ataris_005.jpg (31602 bytes)  Ataris_005b.jpg (14642 bytes)
The Ataris  Logo Hoodie (on navy, front & back; XL only) - H

Armor_for_Sleep_004.jpg (15197 bytes)
Armor for Sleep  White Zipper Hoodie (Medium and XL) - H

Armor_For_Sleep_003.jpg (17772 bytes)
Armor for Sleep  Floater Hoodie (Large & XL)- H

Anthrax  Worship Metal Hoodie (XL) - H

Andrew W.K.  Yellow Silhouette Hoodie (Large & XL only) - H

all_american_rejects_034.jpg (10784 bytes)
All American Rejects  Girls' Pink Zipper Hoodie (Large & XL only) - H

all_american_rejects_030.jpg (43430 bytes)  all_american_rejects_30b.jpg (20940 bytes)
All American Rejects  Stacked Zipper Hoodie (front & back; Medium & Large) - H

All That Remains Torn Logo Sweatshirt (front & back Small through XL) - H

The following JERSEYS, TECH VEST, SWEATSHIRT, and LONGSLEEVES reduced to Price Code D as of 10/15/18

Lenny_Kravitz_013.jpg (7758 bytes)  Lenny_Kravitz_013b.jpg (7497 bytes)
Lenny Kravitz  God is Love Women's Baseball Jersey (front & back; Medium, Large and XL) - D

kottonmouth_kings_006.jpg (9383 bytes)  kottonmouth_kings_006b.jpg (10385 bytes)
Kottonmouth Kings  420 Baseball Jersey (front & back; Small) - D

Kiss_014.jpg (23020 bytes)
Kiss  Collage Weathered Long Sleeve (on gray; Small only) - D
Note: "weathered" shirts are made to look well worn

The Isley Brothers  Hat Logo Sweatshirt (Medium, Large, XL, XXL) - D

goo_goo_dolls_022.jpg (10395 bytes)
Goo Goo Dolls  Brown Over-T (Large, XL) - D

Godsmack  Tech Vest (XL) - D

The following LONGSLEEVE SHIRTS and WORK SHIRT reduced to Price Code D as of 10/12/18

ESP_008.jpg (21716 bytes)  ESP_008b.jpg (16250 bytes)
ESP Guitars  30th Anniversary Work Shirt (front & back; Small, Medium, Large, XXL) - D

Disturbed 2011 Tour LONGSLEEVE (XXL) - D

Disturbed Orange Group LONGSLEEVE (Large, XXL) - D

Bush  Army Recycled Army Shirt (Medium only) - D
(actual recycled army uniforms - details and quality will vary)

The following LONGSLEEVE SHIRTS reduced to Price Code D as of 10/11/18

Black_Label_society_022.jpg (29799 bytes)
Black Label Society  Bat Wings Thermal Long Sleeve (Med. only) - D

The following LITHO MOUNTED PLAQUES reduced to Price Code K as of 9/21/18

Yule Tide

3 A.M.

The following MESSENGER BAG reduced to Price Code D as of 9/19/18

Counting Crows  Embroidered Messenger (Laptop) Bag - D

The following JACKET reduced from Price Code M to Price Code H as of 9/11/18

Crown Royal Comedy Soul Festival  Embroidered Heavyweight Baseball Jacket (Medium, Large) - H





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