The following designs are usually in stock, however, all items are subject to availability. Call for pricing.

tupac_014.jpg (6722 bytes)
Tupac  All Eyez Long Sleeve (Large only) - E

TUPAC Blue (Small only) - A

TUPAC How Long (Front and Back; Small only) - A

TUPAC Wild Wild West (Medium, Large, and XL) - A

tupac_011.jpg (8765 bytes)
Tupac  R.I.P. 1971-1996 (Small and Medium)- A

tupac_013.jpg (9945 bytes)
Tupac  Finger (on navy; Small through XXL) - A

2_pac_009.jpg (20683 bytes)
Tupac  Gridlocked Movie (Medium through XL) - A

2_pac_006.jpg (9293 bytes)
Tupac  Leaf (Small and Medium) - A

2_pac_007.jpg (12254 bytes)
Tupac  Tattoos (Small through XXL)- A

2_pac_008.jpg (12112 bytes)
Tupac  Close Up (on blue; Medium through XL) - A

2_pac_005.jpg (7239 bytes)
Tupac  All Eyez - B (Small only) - A

Tina_002.jpg (22598 bytes)  Tina_002b.jpg (24353 bytes)
Tina Turner  Jersey (font & back; Medium only) - G

Big Bang Theory  Destroyer (on blue, XXL only) - B


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