The following designs are usually in stock, however, all items are subject to availability. Call for pricing.

Weezer_063.jpg (7014 bytes)
Weezer  Martini Girls' Tank (on aqua; OSFA) - GO!

Weezer_064.jpg (8469 bytes)
Weezer  Rhinestone W Girls' T (on pink; Large only) - GO!

weezer_062.jpg (11144 bytes)
Weezer  Studded Spaghetti Tank (Medium only) - GO!

weezer_060.jpg (7892 bytes)
Weezer  Cuomo Youth T (Medium only) - GO!

  weezer_056.jpg (8907 bytes)  weezer_056b.jpg (6529 bytes)
Weezer  River's Face Ringer (on chocolate; front & back; XL only) - A

Weezer_045.jpg (6927 bytes)
Weezer  Soccer Jr's T (on pink; XS and Small only) - A

Weezer_046.jpg (13431 bytes)
Weezer  Space Ship (on Charcoal; Youth Large only) - A

Weezer_054.jpg (9780 bytes)
Weezer  Dragon Jr's T (on green; Medium & XL) - A

Weezer_051.jpg (21197 bytes)
Weezer  Groupie Girl Jr's T (on blue; Medium & XL) - A

Weezer_052.jpg (27198 bytes)  Weezer_052b.jpg (23463 bytes)
Weezer  Logo Lined Windbreaker (front & back; Small, Large) - K

Weezer_048.jpg (8063 bytes)  Weezer_048b.jpg (8486 bytes)
Weezer  Rock Panties (front & back; Size 2)

Weezer  Band Cartoon Sleeveless Baby Doll (on red; Medium only) - A

Weezer  Bug Hooded Jr's Sweatshirt (on ash; Small) - K

Weezer  Sell-Out Tour (long sleeve, front & back, XL only) - H


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